Permission to Screw Up by Kristen Hadeed


Originally published in: 2017

What it’s about: A woman who started a business while still in college and how she learned to be a successful leader through a series of failures.

What made me pick it up: The title.

My favorite parts: I really enjoyed the candor of the author while recounting her less than perfect moments. She was highly relatable and made an entrepreneurial path seem attainable if you were willing to work hard and define your values. I especially was drawn to the concept of company culture and how important it was to know what it was and support it at all costs. More workplaces should follow suit. This is a quick read but enjoyable, almost like sitting down with a friend to hear what she’s up to. If you’re wondering how to be a better leader or work the kinks out of your org pick this up.

Who it’s great for: Anyone who wants to be a better leader or wants to work the kinks out of their business. Readers who want to start a business and need inspiration to get started.
Erica’s rating: four shells

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Best. State. Ever. by Dave Barry


Originally published in: 2016

What it’s about: Longtime Florida resident Barry makes the case for his adopted state.

What made me pick it up: Dave Barry is hilarious and I consume his writing voraciously. I was so excited to see he had a new book coming out.

My favorite things: This takes you on a tour of all the best random bits of Florida, in Barry’s opinion, and it’s like going on a vacation. A very funny vacation through all of Florida’s oddball locales.

Who it’s great for: Teens or adults. Anyone interested in laughing while also learning tidbits about our Sunshine State.

Erica’s rating: four-and-a-half-shells

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