Hag-Seed by Margaret Atwood


What it’s about: A retelling of Shakespeare’s The Tempest as part of the Hogarth Shakespeare series.
What made me pick it up: 
I love everything that Margaret Atwood touches, so I knew I’d be reading this sooner or later. I particularly enjoyed The Penelopiad, her 2005 interpretation of The Odyssey for the Canongate Myths series, and was excited to see what she would do with Shakespeare.
My favorite things: Atwood does a great job of framing her retelling around a production of the original Shakespeare. A story within a story doesn’t always work, but it definitely does here. I also love her clever use of the original’s magical elements to blur the line between delusions and the supernatural.
Who it’s great for: People who love Shakespeare and can’t get enough. People who do not love Shakespeare but are interested in a modern spin on his work. Anyone looking for an unrelenting tale of revenge. Fans of Shakespearean insult generators.
Abby’s Rating: four-shells 

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